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You might have heard of Erick Erickson. He used to serve as Editor-in-Chief of a conservative blog called “Redstate.” It was sold, Erickson left, and eventually launched a right wing website called “The Resurgent.”

He’s an outspoken Evangelical gun nut who hates homosexuals, atheists, feminists, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a Republican. Some controversial statements he’s made:

– About former Supreme Court Justice, David Souter: “the only goat fucking child molester to ever serve on the Supreme Court.”

– On women: men dominate females in the “natural world” and it was only “science” for males to be the breadwinners for their family.

– About David Hogg, the 17-year old Parkland, Florida school shooting survivor: He wasn’t at school when the shooting went down. And Hogg is a “bully” for his role in the boycott of Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox Nooz.

Erick Erickson is, and always has been an all-around scumbag. But he took it to a whole different level yesterday.

A new thing going around in far right corners of the web has to do with a brutal former Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet. The following is a thread from someone who knows about the history of the madman.

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**Augusto Pinochet was the dictator of a violent authoritarian regime in Chile that was installed through a CIA coup, following the democratic election of a Marxist president. The far right idolize his use of the military to kidnap, torture and murder left leaning civilians. They especially love the part where civilians accused of being leftists were thrown out of helicopters. Pinochet incarcerated and brutally tortured anyone who was in some way associated with “leftists,” which even included the mothers, wives and children of potential subversives.

The most prevalent forms of state-sponsored torture that prisoners endured were electric shocks, waterboarding, beatings, and sexual abuse. Another common mechanism of torture employed was “disappearing” those who were deemed to be potentially subversive. Pinochet’s goal was to annihilate all forms of opposition. The formation of any political party was outlawed. A large proportion of the Chilean population was vulnerable to surveillance. Chile’s churches, universities, businesses, and neighborhoods were all under intense scrutiny.

From the moment Pinochet assumed power, he wanted to instill a sense of fear in the Chilean population. These fears manifested with his “Caravan of Death,” in which he ordered his Army death squad to target leftists by any means necessary. The Caravan of Death killed 68 people within three days, by stabbing, beating, and shooting them.

Seven days after Pinochet seized power through the ruthless coup, he ordered the military to round up approximately 10,000 students, workers, and political activists and jam them into Santiago’s National Soccer Stadium, turning it into a concentration camp within a few days. Many in the camp were tortured and gunned down, and several hundred bodies were shuttled into secret mass graves. These were victims of a well-organized program of official torture and murder. The “disappeared” were held in secret, subjected to torture and were often never seen again. The worst violence occurred in the first three months of the coup’s aftermath, with the number of suspected leftists killed or “disappeared” soon reaching into the thousands.

It is estimated that there were around 30,000 victims of human rights abuses in Chile, with 28,000 arrested, 27,255 tortured, and 2,279 executed (with hundreds of bodies from death flights still being discovered.) The government censored non-sympathetic individuals while taking control of mass media. The military junta often framed leftist individuals and groups, in order to justify its agenda to target and torture political dissidents. Going as far as staging the bombing of a Chilean safe house, or murdering leftists outright, later claiming in the media that the victim was a leftist who had pulled a gun.

In some cases, events were straight up staged by the government to create fear. On one occasion the government lobbed grenades into a house, killing 3 people who were in the building. They would later claim that the people in the house had previously fired on them. The official story became that the three suspects were leftists who had caused the explosion themselves by trying to burn and destroy incriminating evidence. Intelligence agencies under Pinochet’s regime also created more secret death camps.

CONTENT WARNING: for the sake of knowing just who is idolizing Pinochet, the following includes descriptions of gruesome acts of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse that went on in Pinochet’s death camps:

Chilean prisoners were subject to being electrocuted, waterboarded, beaten, sexually abused, and being “disappeared” Electrocution was a common form of torture. Prisoners were stripped naked, stretched out and strapped onto a metal bed frame, or a set of bed springs, and tied down. He or she was subjected to electrical shocks on several parts of the body, especially on sensitive areas like the genitals and on open wounds. A particularly barbaric version used a metal bunk bed; the victim was placed on the bottom bunk and on the top bunk, a relative or friend was simultaneously tortured.

Once people were incarcerated on a massive scale, new places were reconditioned to hold them, such as “The Tower” – a water tank on the top floor of the building which included 10 tight spaces where prisoners were held. The spaces were so small the prisoner had to enter by crawling. The tower also included a torture chamber, where prisoners were kept in isolation. Many of them were never seen again. Food was scarce and the conditions were extremely unsanitary. Most prisoners suffered from severe beatings, and broken or even amputated limbs. Non-compliant prisoners were forced to lie down on the ground. The captors then ran over the prisoners legs with a large vehicle, crushing their bones.