How The Pollsters and Forecasters Fared

The ballot-counting is just about done. The 2018 midterm cycle is in the rear view mirror. One House seat is still undecided and one senate runoff will take place in Mississippi on Tuesday. Looks like California’s 21st congressional district will wind up in the D column and the Mississippi senate seat will finish in the R column. I made this handy guide to tuck away and review during the closing weeks of the 2020 Election. Let’s start with what I think the final tally will be.

D+ 40 House:  235 D, 200 R  [247 R, 188 D]

R+ 2  Senate: 53 R, 47 D [was 51 R, 49 D]

D+ 7 Governors: 27 R, 23 D  [33 R, 16 D, 1 Ind]

  • Overall House vote currently at D + 8.0
  • It should finish closer to D + 9 when all of CA and NY ballots are counted

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